NaCRRI logoNational Crops Resources Research Institute
P.O Box 7084
Kampala, Uganda
Gayaza Road Namulonge.

National Crops Resources Research Institute(NaCRRI) is one of the six National Agricultural Research Institute (NARIS) under the policy guidance and co-ordination of the National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARO). NaCRRI is mandated to conduct, carry out research and knowledge generation for the following.

  • Legumes
  • Cassava
  • Cereals - Maize
  • Cereals - Rice
  • Horticulture and Oil Palm
  • Sweet Potatoes

Research activities in the Institute are carried out under mandated commodity programs and Units. Presently the priority crops according to the mandate are i.e. beans, cassava, cerealsie maize and cereals, sweet potato, coffee, oil palm, cocoa and horticultural crops. Coffee, cocoa and oil palm research is currently undertaken in Kituza Research Centre in Mukono district. All the programmes have multidisciplinary teams. The institute emphasizes participatory research which involves farmers (and other clients) at all levels of technology generation and development.