Helene DelatteResearcher - Unit PVBMT
Organization: French Agricultural Centre for International Development (CIRAD Réunion) - France
Contact information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | T: 0262 49 92 35 (France) |T: 00 262 262 49 92 (abroad) | F: 00 262 262 49 92 93 (abroad)

Hélène Delatte has been a full time researcher at CIRAD since 2008. She carried out her M.Sc. and PhD at the University of Wageningen (Pr. R Goldbach) in collaboration for field work with CIRAD from Montpellier (Dr. M Peterschmit) and La Réunion (Dr. B Reynaud). Her on going researches are focused on whiteflies vector of begomoviruses. More precisely she is working on biology, population genetic, and endosymbionts interactions on B. tabaci in the Indian Ocean area and Central Africa. In parallel she also has several models of study based on population genetics and ecology of invasive pests (mosquitoes, miridae, fruit flies of economic importance) and pollinators (honey bees and carpenter bees).