David OuvrardResearcher - Agricultural Entomology
Organization: Natural History Museum, Department of Life Sciences - UK
Contact information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | T: +44-(0)20 7942-6199 or -5588

I have been a research entomologist at the Natural History Museum in London since 2012. My core activities are in the field of comparative morphology and molecular biology of Sternorrhyncha and the evolution of insect-plant relationships and the study of some plant/pathogen/vector systems. My research experience on phytophagous insects (Hemiptera) is based on my interest for biological collections, which I estimate to be an invaluable tool for research in both fundamental and applied entomology. I am also interested in the promotion of natural history collections for biodiversity research through digitalisation and databasing. I am the author of the online taxonomic world databases Psyl'list (for Psylloidea: www.hemiptera-databases.org/psyllist), and co-author of White-Files (for Aleyrodidae: www.hemiptera-databases.org/whiteflies) and ThripsWiki (for Thysanoptera: thrips.info/wiki), and I am also subject editor for the journal Zootaxa.