Principal Research Scientist
Organization: Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)
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Dr Schellhorn obtained her PhD from University of Minnesota, USA. She conducted post-doctoral research at University of Wisconsin-Madison USA on interactions among multiple species of exotic and native arthropods. In 2005, Dr Schellhorn joined CSIRO, she is a Principle Research Scientist in Ecosystem Sciences and leads the Spatial Ecology Team in Brisbane, Australia.

Dr Nancy Schellhorn’s research uses ecological concepts to address pest management problems at multiple spatial scales in agricultural and urban landscapes. She and her collaborators have developed and advanced the concept of Pest Suppressive Landscapes, which is a way of measuring, designing and managing agricultural landscapes for productivity and biodiversity. This concept has now been extended into urban systems as a means to meet the challenge of minimizing the risk of urban mosquitoes and the diseases they vector.

Dr Schellhorn leads several national projects in Australia, and with her colleagues at CSIRO ICT have patented an automated insect monitoring device. She has lead projects on landscape-scale pest management of Bemesia tabaci (MEAM-1) and its main control agent the parasitoid Eretmocerus hayati. Dr Schellhorn’s role in the Cassava Whitefly project will be to extend the approaches and learnings from landscape scale approaches in Australia to theme 2 activities in east Africa.