HazelParry smResearch Scientist, Agriculture
Organization: Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) - Australia
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Dr Hazel Parry is an ecological modeller working in the Pest Suppressive Landscapes Team at CSIRO. The work of the team focuses on the concept of Pest Suppressive Landscapes and seeks to address the broad question: why does landscape context matter for the control of pests and diseases? By combining a field-based, ecological approach with spatially-explicit simulation models, Dr Parry’s research aims to gain knowledge that will help address the global challenges of food security and health crises at the landscape scale, such as increasing agricultural productivity whilst minimising our impact on the natural resource base.

Dr Parry left her home country of England and joined CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences (formerly CSIRO Entomology) as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in August 2009, working on a Cooperative Research Council for National Plant Biosecurity (CRCNPB) project. The project constructed a modelling framework for understanding the impacts of climate change on biosecurity incursions of cropping systems. Prior to joining CSIRO, Dr Parry was a research scientist (Ecological Modeller) for three years at the Food and Environment Research Agency (Fera), York, United Kingdom (UK). At Fera, Dr Parry undertook and project managed a range of modelling research projects, spanning individual-based modelling, computer simulation of crop pest population dynamics and dispersal, ecological uptake of heavy metals from contaminated land, grid computing, geographical information systems, environmentally sensitive farming and predicting the implications of policy and environmental change for agricultural landscapes.

Dr Parry holds a PhD in Geography from the University of Leeds, UK (2006) and BA Hons in Geography from the University of Cambridge, UK (2002).