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The Natural Resources Institute (NRI) is a specialist research, development and education organisation of the University of Greenwich, UK, with a focus on food, agriculture, environment, and sustainable livelihoods.

The role of coal and climate change – Clean Air Day 2021

Every year, air pollution causes up to 36,000 deaths in the UK, making it the “largest environmental health risk we face today”, according to Global Action Plan, the organiser of Clean Air Day 2021. In this piece, NRI’s Dr Conor Walsh,...

NRI joins major new project to help African farmers future-proof against climate change

Climate change and the prospect of more frequent droughts in Africa is leaving farmers across the developing world facing an uncertain future and risks of food insecurity. A new €6.3m project was recently launched, to help farmers tackle this...

Fabulous field trips and where to find them

At NRI, the University of Greenwich, field trips are an important component for BSc students of Physical Geography, Environmental Science, Biology and our brand-new Climate Change programme. Dr Sarah Arnold, Senior Lecturer in Insect Behaviour and...

World Hunger Day 2021: seeking sustainable solutions through NRI’s FaNSI

According to the organisers of World Hunger Day 2021, 690 million people across the world don’t have enough to eat; 98% of the world’s most undernourished live in low- and middle-income countries, and starvation kills more people than AIDS, malaria and...

Future in Five – Babajide Milton Macaulay

Babajide Milton Macaulay grew up in Nigeria dreaming of becoming an architect, but his grades at school were always much higher in biology, so he decided to follow the life sciences path instead. Milton took five minutes out of his day to Skype...

A bug’s life – exploring careers in entomology

In March, the very first #EntoCareers event took place to help entomologists map out their future careers. Organized by NRI’s Post-Grad representative, Manuela Carnaghi, and two other PG reps from the Royal Entomology Society, it was designed as a...

Unearthing the ‘lost’ coffee of Sierra Leone

In a paper recently published in ‘Nature Plants’, scientists from Sierra Leone, NRI at the University of Greenwich, Royal Botanical Gardens Kew and CIRAD (the French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development), reveal the results of an...

British Council GREAT Scholarship for Sustainable Futures, Vietnam 2021

The Natural Resources Institute is delighted to be co-funding a British Council GREAT scholarship for Sustainable Futures. We are looking for a postgraduate student from Vietnam to study on either our MSc Agriculture for Sustainable Development, or...

Former BSc students at NRI give tips and advice for National Careers Week

For National Careers Week, NRI’s Teaching and Learning Leader Claire Coote, tracked down three former BSc students to ask what advice they would give to those considering a career in life sciences. She also asked them to reveal how studying with...
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